…it all started with the idea to embark on a new adventure, to leave common paths, to rethink former approaches but still keeping values based on our own traditions.

NOBISKRUG "German Superyachts for the 22nd century"…

…stands for conquering new paths in the design of superyachts thus redefining the art of yacht building – for us, for our clients and finally for the entire superyacht industry. In order to build high tech yachts that last for generations to come up we count on our long-standing experience, concentrated engineering skills along with inventiveness and our high and detailed quality standards.

Furthermore, it is our personal concern to uncompromisingly realize each customers’ ideas and wishes. Our ambition is that each superyacht leaving our shipyard will withstand the powers of the seven seas, providing the best possible safety on board. The key to this is the permanent further development of futuristic yachts that incorporate sustainable technologies.

Nobiskrug - Modern Yacht Design

100 % Focus on you

We listen to all aspects of your project, your specific wishes and ideas. Then we take a pencil and begin sketching. We look at all angles of the task and go over all vital issues together with you.

We do not hold back, we believe in 100% honesty and transparency in a project. You and your project are special to us. We will take you on a journey where you will enjoy the engineering and construction process as we develop your custom-built high tech yacht. You will be involved and present to see your product evolving first on paper and then in steel. An entire team is dedicated to face any challenge and make the project be a success.

This is our understanding of customer care!

Synergies - The Power of Innovation

In order to provide the optimal outcome of a project we will take the best resources available. As part of our vision we see ourselves associated with the best suppliers and service providers the industry has to offer.

Nobiskrug - Synergy and Values

Think Ahead. Think green.

Being part of the shipbuilding industry, we have a special responsibility for the protection of our environment.

During our daily approach to find the best possible solution for every customer, we draw special attention to the sustainability of our activities. For construction and building of each custom-made futuristic yacht we choose and develop the technologies and materials very carefully. In this respect we always look for innovations which improve the energy efficiency and emissions as well as a reduction of further environmental risks. As a result, beside a unique yacht experience, we create a long-lasting additional value for our customers.

For the preservation of our World’s Seas as well as local and global social matters, we take part in various projects. Along with the well-knowned international projects, we have also established our own charity events, like NOBISKRUG’s “Giving on the Green”. In the frame of a golf tournament invited guests from the yacht industry play golf for a good purpose. At the end NOBISKRUG donates the prizes to a charity on behalf of the winners.

Furthermore we endeavor to do our contribution in our daily work life as well. The careful use of resources, economical and safety-orientated actions as well as continuous training and further education of our employees are firmly established in our company’s values.

Nobiskrug - Modern Yacht Design Vision

Our values

A superyacht – like we build at NOBISKRUG – is always a big investment for the future owner but she is also for his or her entertainment. She should give the owner pleasure, and that means the developer has to work correctly and accurately right from the beginning on. That requires a dedicated and high qualified team such as we have at NOBISKRUG.

We simply want to provide the best quality.

We can’t work any other way. It is our work ethos and our pride. Our engineers and craftsmen work hand in hand to build high tech yachts for the future. We are a team and we are all down to earth.

It is therefore part of our philosophy to communicate with our customers in an open and pragmatic way; to cooperate with them as partners.

Always thinking ahead to build the next superyacht for the 22nd century!

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