“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”
Helen Keller

Changing the formula

Known for pushing the boundaries and for not being a mass builder, NOBISKRUG enters a new era in superyacht construction by building luxury yachts now that will last for generations to come. Every superyacht built under NOBISKRUG brand embodies the unique vision of the owner combined with innovative ideas and advanced technology.

It all starts with your dream.

The dream of something completely new. Something impossible. Of a ship that breaks with all conventions. That is unique and not mass-produced. We make your dreams come true. Together, we set off to new shores. To set new international standards. And to transcend the boundaries of imagination.

Our mission

“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.”
M. C. Escher

The dream becomes a vision.

It all starts with a blank sheet of paper. Anything is possible. Nothing is a given. Your vision inspires us, as well as internationally renowned designers. Slowly, the idea grows. The idea of a timeless, extraordinary superyacht.


Your vision takes shape.

You need a strong and experienced partner to make your dream come true. Our best engineers, designers and production specialists will help you get there. From steel construction to equipment - together with the experts from our network, you will receive the best of all solutions.

Our Engineering

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”
Johannes Brahms

Doing the unexpected.

Those who pursue extraordinary goals must take revolutionary measures. We have been involved in shipbuilding since before the term superyacht was even coined. Drawing upon our extensive experience in building seagoing vessels, we turned to luxury yacht building and pave the way with innovative materials and sustainable technologies. This is what drives us to look ahead, into the next century. What we create together with you today will set standards for decades to come.

Innovation at NOBISKRUG

Everything under one roof.

Motivated and committed, our experienced team works together to bring your vision to life. From hull to superstructure, from bow to stern. With heart and soul and a wealth of ideas. All this takes place under one roof in our high-tech industrial facilities in northern Germany: “Made in Germany”.

German Craftsmanship

A new gem is born.

Your superyacht is ready to conquer the oceans. Like every one of our ships, it will set new standards for NOBISKRUG and the entire superyacht industry. Every farewell fills us with pride and melancholy. For us, it is not only the awards that count. Our greatest reward is that you love your superyacht as much as we do and therefore, we commit ourselves to ensure the best support after delivery.

Our fleet

Where visions become reality.

Our facilities

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Where we are

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