Known for pushing the boundaries and for not being a mass builder, NOBISKRUG enters a new era by building superyachts now that will last for generations to come. Every superyacht built under NOBISKRUG brand embodies the unique vision of the owner combined with innovative ideas and advanced technology.

Evolution of Innovation

NOBISKRUG’s success story starts in 1905 with hull number 001, a simple hopper barge. Today, more than 800 deliveries later, the success story includes several custommade and prizewinning superyachts such as TATOOSH, SIREN, MOGAMBO and SAILING YACHT A. In between lie countless ship building innovations, numerous famous vessels and much that today counts as standard in international ship building.

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A glimpse to the future

Each project begins with the owner's vision to build a highly individual, most comfortable, safe and timeless superyacht. In order to meet those high expectations we work together with renowned designers, use cutting edge technology and innovative materials.

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