Nobiskrug Now



Each project begins with a vision. We listen to your ideas and passions and we always start with a blank piece of paper and a pencil.


With the capabilities of our in-house design team, we also work closely with the world’s most renowned designers.


Your vision

+ Our expertise

+ Careful planning

+ Intelligent solutions

= Modelling the dream



Engineering is our thing!

We are famous for that. Our 200 in-house engineers will translate your ideas into a mature design – purely made in Germany.


Detailed technical knowledge is an essential ingredient for superyacht building. The thrill of innovating something that has never been done before is part of our passion.


  • Made in Germany
  • In-house engineering power
  • Going beyond the mark
  • Ingenuity & creativity
  • Honest assessment


German craftsmanship

At the heart of NOBISKRUG more than 1000 highly skilled employees trained in Germany under the best vocational training system in the world are at work. There is a specific culture attached to NOBISKRUG.


There is a real sense of community, people know each other and generations of workers come here, because we are a family-oriented business and there is a certain loyalty to the workforce.


Our in-house capabilities range from hull-construction, steel cutting, mechanical fitting, pipe fitting, paint, electrical and carpentry workshops and are all organized under one roof enabling us to realize an advanced production process at NOBISKRUG. Our superyachts are highly complex puzzles composed of custom-made solutions, standard equipment and challenging innovative system integration.


Post Launch


Each superyacht becomes part of our daily life. We become attached to her and when she is gone we make sure we do not lose sight of her. When issues arise, our flying squad is immediately on-site, ensuring the captain and his crew that we are behind them anytime and anywhere. Together with our various partners in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Middle-East and in Southeast Asia we stand 100% behind our superyacht.